Have you ever been frustrated trying to close people whether it’s a customer or distributor into your network marketing business?

In this blog post, I’m going to give you my top 3 tips we use to close out prospects in our network marketing business.

Tip Number One

Amateurs convince while professional sort between who comes into their network marketing business.

As a distributor, we try and convince everyone and anyone to join our business and eventually we choose to recruit a lot of people who then become projects.

I can tell you right now that you don’t want projects stacking up and your time belongs to them trying to get them to where they need to be.

Eventually, no one is happy because you are too busy helping everyone who joined because they needed the opportunity and thought by joining you would hold their hand the whole way.

I remember the late Jim Rohn saying look, you’re looking for the lookers, our job is to take them from not knowing to knowing and then as we guide them through the follow-up process, then we take we look for the people that see what we see.

We go with the people that are going our way to make sure you’re not convincing.

When people first go into network marketing, to be honest with you yes they would chase you from state to state and are desperate and beg you to get in their business.

But you should decide who you want to let in your business because really we don’t want to work with everyone so you’re almost interviewing them.

Not only did they want to join the company and work with you but do you want to actually work with them because if they’re not ready you really don’t want them to get started because no one’s going to be happy in the end.

Tip Number 2

Remember it’s a process it takes an average of five to eight exposures for people to accept any information good or bad so our job is to take them from exposure to exposure.

As fast as we can until really they recruit or sell themselves when the timing is right.

So once again if the timings not right we don’t want to do that and for some people, the timing is never going to be right

but me personally I never take anyone off of my list unless they make me mad I don’t want to work with them

but no to me means not now so as you understand I want you to look and think

maybe they just got a pay raise maybe they love their job maybe life couldn’t be any better

then you just say look do you mind if I keep you posted on how I’m doing

sure really hardly anyone ever says no I don’t know if anyone has told me no I don’t want you to keep me posted and updated on how you’re doing

and then maybe six months later they get a new boss they can’t stand they let you know they got laid off or the company got sold or they want to put their kids in a private school

you know something changes and so no doesn’t mean no it means not now knowing that it is a process and it’s going to take multiple exposures.

We had people that we followed up with for years and just kept the relationship going

they ended up coming into the business they became top leaders in the business and was it worth it?

Yes it was definitely worth it because we generate a lot of income on a monthly basis from that one person

but most people they don’t stick to the process and what they’ll do is they’ll go out they’ll plant some seeds they’ll cultivate the ground they’ll even water the seeds once or twice

and then they go hey it doesn’t work and they quit.

When you can build your business and succeed and reap a big harvest just off of other seeds that people have planted

they weren’t able to stay in stay strong enough, long enough during that process.

Tip Number 3

Ask the right questions. I learned this from the founder of network marketing program a long time ago what he did was he gave us six questions

the right questions to ask and if you go ahead and memorize these they’re very simple but yet it helps people make a decision

1. What did you like best?

now what do you think that’s like saying what do you think about the president what do you think about politics you’re opening up a can of things that you don’t want to open up

but when you say what did you like best you know what caught your attention the most.

It was either the product or the business opportunity, or both no matter what you win.

2. On a scale of one to ten ten being most excited and ready to get started one not really excited at all, where do you see yourself?

And don’t hesitate to pause just like I did. let them answer the questions basically, you’re acting like a consultant when you’re asking them these questions.

3. how much money would you need to make on a part-time as in how much money would you need to make on a part-time basis to make it worth your while?

let’s say they go I need to make a thousand dollars a month. we then ask them the next question.

4. how many hours a week are you able to work to get to that thousand dollars a month.

So right now you’re basically acting like a business consultant.

But sometimes they will give you crazy numbers like “hey I want to make ten thousand dollars a month and I can only work two hours a week”

That’s not reasonable I mean you can even ask them, hey look as a business consultant and a friend I don’t think that’s reasonable, like what are you making right now at your job?

and I’ll guarantee it’s not that kind of income so you have to adjust one of those numbers either you need to work a lot more hours or you need to bring that income down to something that is actually reasonable.

So how many hours a week are you able to work? then the next question.

5. How long would you be willing to give me to help you get to a thousand dollars a month working let’s say they gave us ten hours a week so again you’re acting like a business consultant and you’re filling in their numbers and they go

“wow” I would be willing to give you six months let’s say that’s the number they gave you and the last question is where your wrapping it up.

6. if I….. would you….. one of the most powerful questions you could possibly ask in network marketing if I could show you how to get to a thousand dollars a month work in ten hours a week

over the next six months is there anything else you need to know? Are you ready to get started and that’s when you zip it.

You zip your lip you don’t say anything else even though it’s very uncomfortable sometimes it feels like it’s you know minutes before someone says something even though it’s only seconds

They’re going to say well yes I’m ready to get started or they’re going to give you the objection the question that you need to answer

and then you can go are you ready to get started and then you do a three-way call with

you and your sponsor or, one of your mentors or even, one of your business partners and get those questions answered.

So those are our top closing tips and remember you’re going to be bad before you’re good.

Every great network marketer was a lousy network marketer for a period of time but just have fun enjoy the process lighten up and your sales

will start showing up as long as you’re having fun and you’re just honest with people and you’re really you’re not trying to pretend to be something that you’re not they’re going to appreciate that.

So those are our top three closing tips.

What is the number one objection that you get when you’re sharing your opportunity with other people?

Maybe it’s no time, no money, let me think about it, I would love for you to put that in the comments below

so I can go through and I can look at your know the most common objections and I can answer that on our next blog post.

thanks for stopping by and reading this blog post.

we’ll see you on the blog post!

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