In post, we are going to give you 9 tips we use to grow our network marketing business with social media so you can generate more business towards your product service or opportunity so stay tuned.

Running a social media agency and having clients in multiple network marketing companies and helping them become top recruiters and helping them create a six and seven-figure business online I’ve learned a lot when it comes to social media

I took my business online in 2016 and about eighty percent plus of my business is now built through social media so I have learned a lot and I’m going to give you 9 of my favourite tips that you should be implementing if you’re in network marketing on your social media profile now.

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Now going to be giving you some really cool tips as far as social media goes on my blog. These tips are set up to help you win on social media so that you can model some of the perfect traits that they’ve implemented when you set up your social media profile for your business and I am very excited to share them with you.

okay so let’s get into my 9 favourite tips now some of these might be but some of them not so obvious because I still see so many of these things happening that shouldn’t be happening and I’m going to give you ways to correct them

Tip Number One

You always want to make sure that you are using your personal picture in your profile picture. It says your profile picture, it doesn’t say put your cat put your dog put your company logo it’s now it’s your personal profile picture you see when you’re out prospecting on social media people are going to want to get to know you there will be people spying on you and they want to see your smiling face so have a nice professional semi-professional looking photo as your profile photo inside of your social media profile. 

Tip Number Two

Do you know that little section in your social media profile on Facebook where it says you can put your work or your company or what you do for a living?

Now most people what they do when they get started they get really excited in their network marketing company as they go and they quickly change their employers name to their company name, whatever network marketing company that you’re in now here’s why you do not want to do this and trust me I’m speaking from complete experience.

I did the same thing back when I first got started – before I knew better you don’t want to do that because what it does is it alleviates curiosity and you never want to alleviate curiosity you always want to create curiosity you want people asking you what business you’re in what do you do for a living you don’t want people just to easily find that out and another reason is because you don’t want them googling the information may be seeing some negative things that might turn them off or even worse they might go in join another leader or buy your product from somewhere else so don’t ever put in your employment section the name of your network marketing company. Leave curiosity for people to ask you what it is that you do.

Tip Number Three

Stop selling and start storytelling okay so you got to respect the platform that we’re on inside of social media people don’t go there to be sold they go there to be social and so it’s called social media.

People don’t go to Facebook to get sold they go there to be social so if you’re being this spammy sales billboard on your social media profile people are not going to pay attention to it, in fact, it might even turn some people off and that’s something you definitely don’t want to do

So instead of posting links and sales promotion type stuff start storytelling start sharing stories about some of the top income earners in your company or testimonials from people using your product and do not leave a link to your company replicated website and I’ll explain that in the next tip here you just want to share some stories and stop selling stout stop telling people to buy your stuff and start sharing stories and telling people to connect with you if they want to learn more.

Tip Number Four

Remember that we are in lifestyle business all right, all of us in the network marketing industry we are in the lifestyle business and stop thinking that you’re in vitamins or shakes or travel or anything.

We are in lifestyle so remember that if we’re in lifestyle you have to remember ok well what do we post people want to live a lifestyle that’s similar to us that’s what we’re selling.

So we got to give them something good to watch right on social media is to remember post family pictures post lifestyle pictures post travelling pictures post things that you’re doing that night.

You will get a lot more engagement when you do this on social media because that’s what people want to see on social media so again stop selling start selling what business you are actually in which is the lifestyle business.

Tip Number Five

Five is a little challenge that I have for you that can definitely transform your business and the challenge is is to reach out to one to five people a day depending on how busy you are if you’re super busy one person a day reach out to them on social media and just leave them feeling good.

So leave them a nice comment that genuinely makes them feel good now do not ever share any call-to-action don’t share your business links don’t do anything more in that message than just share a nice kind message that complements them or let leave them feeling really good.

Now what this is going to do over time if you do this to one person a day every day do it for the next 30 days or even do it for the next year you will start to create a circle of people who think that you are awesome and the more people that think that you’re awesome the more people will want to check out what it is that you’re doing when you’re posting your lifestyle pictures and asking people to reach out to you through private messaging which I’ll get into in a moment.

Tip Number Six

Do not mention your company name on social media. Now I know this is going to seem weird for some of you.

You’re like well how can I sell what it is that I’m selling if I’m not mentioning the company name.

If you’re in network marketing and you mentioned the company name people are going to go google it they might not find some good stuff and/or they might buy your join from somebody else.

You don’t want to have that happen so refrain from using the company name as much as possible sometimes if you have to drop it here and there maybe but try your best not to and leave curiosity and ask people to reach out to you to learn more

So try your very best not to use your company name and leave curiosity on the table.

Tip Number Seven

Tip number seven is one of my favourites and will work almost a hundred percent of the time if you do it.

so tip number seven is asking people to private message you so you’re probably thinking if I don’t use my company name how am I going to get people interested.

What’s my call to action? Is what we like to call it so you want to ask people to reach out to you and private message you so if you’re sharing a story about a testimonial income story or product testimonials story you want to have the call to action on that post to have people reach out to you.

For example you’re interested in learning more send me a private message I’d be happy to let you know what we’re doing now you would be surprised because you’re not selling and you’re not pushing things down people’s throat they’re going to be more inclined to want to know because you’ve left curiosity and they’ll ask you hey what is it that you’re doing.

So ask people to start private messaging you for more information.

Tip Number Eight

Do not share your company replicated website link on social media, again you’re probably like than how the heck am I supposed to sell stuff again share a story ask people to connect with you through private message and take the conversation from online to offline?

if you can that is my ultimate formula for making a ton of sales and network marketing and building a big team if you post your company replicated website again they’re going to go google the name of the company they’re going to maybe find some stuff or join or buy from somebody else plus you’re never going to know who’s actually clicking because you don’t have tracking or an opt-in form or lead page in front of that so don’t post your company replicated site it will not help the results of your business.

Tip Number Nine

Final tip number nine and one of my favourites. well, technically all these tips are all my favourites.

Make sure that you have a facebook fan page or a business page if you’re all serious about running a successful business from social media I don’t know most people know this or not but it’s actually against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions on your personal profile to do any promotion or business activity.

a lot of people don’t know that but again having a Facebook page or a business page or a fan page, whatever you want to call it, they call it many things will give you instant credibility and authority with your market and more people will take you seriously about your business.

There are so many more things that you can do with your Facebook page that you can do compared to your Facebook profile if you don’t have a Facebook page right now don’t worry about it just put it on your list of things to do.


I hope you enjoyed these 9 tips. If you liked them, don’t forget to share this post and check our Tools & Resources page to find out what we use to make our network marketing company grow.


Be on the lookout for the next post!

Network Marketing Secrets

Inside this free book, you’ll learn about the 3 ‘LOST’ Funnels that run 99.9% of ALL successful network marketing companies

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