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I Love teaching people how to make money online since. I am a serial entrepreneur and I love creating businesses and selling them for big payday.

Johny Nguyen – My Story

My name is Johny Nguyen and throughout middle school and high school, I thought that I could just go through life easy and get a job but in reality that didn’t work out so much for me.

After high school, I ended up working at cafes around the city for $13 an hour for a long time and I had finally decided that computers were the way to go and started doing graphics design and web development. I ended up being a freelancer and taking part-time jobs as well as doing a 9 to 5 job at a restaurant or cafe to make a living and my paycheck would disappear as fast as I got it. I finally thought to myself that there had to be something better out their then just working 9 to 5 and here is where my entrepreneur journey started.

Not Only Was I Able to Travel and Have Fun…. I was able to make money regardless of Sleep, working or Travelling

My Entrepreneurial Story

Now my journey started in October 2015 and I saw an ad while I was watching a video online saying ” How To Make $500 A Day With Almost No Work” now mind you I was clueless and was like ” Hell Yes, I’m Gonna Be So Rich ” so I bought the product which was $49 at the time and they offered an upgrade for $97 which I was like ” Sure why not, the upgrade says I will earn more money ” that’s when the upgrades started getting more expensive and when I joined the offer was not what I was expecting and after researching about the company AFTER ( my mistake ) I ended up losing $2000 and was scarred pretty bad.

I thought to myself I would never do it again and I ended up working and studying for another 4 months and I ended up seeing an ad on facebook telling me another offer is up for grabs if you want to learn how to make money online and fire your boss. I had a few hundred left over so I dove in and started learning about the product and starting your own online business, this time was different because this person seems genuine and had the drive to get it done because I wanted to quit my job so much.

Fast forward 8 months of trying to make money online it is July 2016 and my first paycheck for my online business came in at $550 USD which translated to almost $700 AUD for me at the time, I was super happy not so much about the money but that doing this actually worked. I spent the next few month trying new methods and new ways to make money online and landed on e-commerce which was by far my favourite method I also joined self-help seminars which boosted my mentality and pushed me a lot in order to be physically healthy and mentally strong in order to get the things I need to get done completed.

It’s 2017 right now and through online marketing, I have achieved my dream and have had the pleasure of travelling and networking with great minds and believe in helping others to skip through those hard moments and to finally fire their boss and live their life on their terms.

SO I want to personally thank you for reading this and hope to share with you as much knowledge about online marketing and personal development so that you can truly live the life you deserve.

My Life Before Online Marketing

Now I am not going to say I was born smart or came from a rich family. far from it!

In Highschool, I was never really interested in getting good results, all I cared about was having fun!

Have you ever been told about the same routine everyone wants you to take?

  1. Study Hard
  2. Get a Good Job
  3. Work Hard
  4. Retire

Do you see the pattern? Everyone does the same stuff yet no one can truly be free because they are working and studying for years just make maybe 50 to 60k if they are lucky through a 9 to 5 job? Hell even with a high paying job at 100k+ per year that has responsibility and long hours to sustain and when you finally decide to go on a holiday, you basically stop getting paid during that time!

Of course, I was also in this boar but on the much lower scale. After high school I chose to work at a restaurant as a dishwasher for my first job and my first pay cheque arrived for $500 working 60 hours that week at a restaurant and I thought I was rich! Insanely stupid at the time I realised 2 years later I had no money in my bank and was working for $8 an hour no questions asked!

No background in any proper profession I decided to spend time going to school and working in hospitality which still didn’t get me to where I wanted to be!

My Life from there was a straight line working hard, spending harder until I found an Ad while watching anime telling me I could make 400 dollars a day doing almost nothing! Scammed for 5,000 AUD i was depressed.

What was worse was I was believing everything and buying more courses getting loans both personal and fast cash loans!

In the end 2008 to 2016, my life was considered over I was at 130,000 AUD in debt and working 3 jobs from 3 AM in the morning till 10 PM at night 6 days a week! 90% of my paycheck disappeared each time I got it to pay for my loans! What was worse was I had to walk to work which was 1 hour to and from just because I couldn’t afford my bus or train ticket!

I couldn’t even tell my family about what was happening! If I had told them they would’ve also had to work extra hard just to make sure I would be safe income wise which I could not let happen.

All I could think about was would I really have to work another 40 years to pay it off?

What came next would be the start of a new life I could not imagine….

My Life After Creating My Own Online Business

Running my own business has given me the life I would never have believed I could be living from $8/Hour to running a 6 and 7 figure business and helping people around the world!

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